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Qi gong+ classes 
Now available in English!

Qi Gong+ is:

- a powerful Qi gong practice,
- a breath awareness exploration
- an introduction to roll-outs with fitness balls*


7:00 - 7:45 pm (EST)

Spring Session #1: 

February 22nd to March 21st, 2024

Spring Session #2: 

March 28th to April 25th, 2024

Each 5-week session is $50 (CAN)
( $38 US dollars or ∽$7.50 per class)


The recordings of the classes will be available on a private Vimeo channel for the duration of the session.

Qi Gong

The art of less stress and more energy

Qi gong is an ancient practice which can be translated to: working with life force energy. Through a regular practice we learn to sense our own invisible energy field and how to harness and circulate that energy for emotional balance, physical fitness and mental well-being. 

Inspired by nature and the elements, Qi gong movements and postures are gentle, flowing and intuitive. We move like waves on a lake, spirals in the sand or wind in the trees.

Accessible to people of all ages and physical conditions, Qi gong is one of the few physical activities we never grow too old to practice. 

This 5-week session of online classes is a great introduction to the amazing benefits of Qi gong, the meditative movement practice known to transform negative stress and tension into positive, vital energy. 

Roll-outs with fitness balls

Developing interoception: our inner experience

The roll-out portion of the class offers an opportunity to discover and release tension from often-hidden parts of the body such as: the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, the upper back, hips and even the pelvic floor. With the use of fitness balls (see below), we will work together to unlock breathing patterns, massage old scar tissues and unwind myofascial layers inhibiting our breath and movement. 

The suggested equipment below is not required to take part in the classes. Replacement suggestions are mentionned below. 

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